The tool features of "Mobility meets Benefit"

mobility configurator

The mobility configurator is the software-based core system of 1st Mobility. With the help of the online application, companies can create individual mobility offers for different groups of employees in a time-efficient and cost-effective way. Individual settings by user group and by employee can be embedded in the tool, such as: employee (mobility) category, available total budget, set of mobility solutions offered, options and regulations to select a company car, possibility to opt for home office/telework, necessary employee information such as home-office distance, home and working address, and many more…
Based on this pre-selection, the system then automatically compiles a recommendation of suitable mobility offers for the employee.

Individual mobility package
for each employee

Employees can use the mobility configurator to compose their individual mobility package.
The selection can also be flexibly adjusted at any time.
Entering the tool via her/his personal access each employee receives an individual pre-selection of suitable mobility offers which already takes into account the specifications of the company mobility policy as well as personal factors such as place of residence, distance to work, office location, etc.. Based on the pre-settings, each employee can now customize her/his mobility package by selecting from the mobility solution providers e.g. train card, cab, bicycle or scooter, number of home office days and/or other benefit offers. After concluding with the configuration process, each employee receives his/her personal mobility package.


Whether desktop PC, tablet or mobile phone - the mobility configurator is suitable for every device and every operating system. The only requirement is an internet connection.
The intuitive user interface and a simple selection system allow a quick and easy tool usage preventing time consuming training sessions.

Administration of home-office solutions

The mobility configurator also allows the optional integration of home office and teleworking options for your employees.
Depending on individual needs and employee preferences, mobility equipment such as a company cell phone, laptop or a well-equipped teleworking workstation can also be integrated into the mobility package. The tool integrates the requested home-office option into an automated approval process via the line manager. Based on this function the tool supports the administration of the home-office solutions in the sense of managing the “non-mobility” offer as part of a wider benefit offer towards the employees.

Company mobility card for employees

The integration of a mobility card into the mobility package is an important component when employees have a flexible mobility budget available. A credit balance automatically determined by the mobility configurator is transferred to the mobility card, which the employee can use for pay-on-use spends such as cab rides, e-scooter, rental, fuel or other purchases such as meals. You are free to appoint your preferred mobility card provider; we will be happy to assist you with advice during the selection process. The integration into the overall process landscape is settled during the implementation phase.

Budget-related mobility packages

The mobility configurator allows companies to define individual budget-related mobility pre-settings for different salary or employee groups. For example, it is possible to predefine the total monthly budget for a specific employee group. A regulation on the single employee level is also possible.

Integration of a company car configurator

As part of a mobility package, the company car remains an important instrument for employee retention.
If required, the mobility configurator can be directly linked to a company car configurator, so that your employees can configure their individual car in connection with the mobility configurator usage.

approval process

Avoid inefficient approval processes by using our automated authorization module. An online approval is obtained from predefined instances, e.g. line-managers, HR managers, before the order of the mobility package chosen by the employee is placed with the suppliers.

Integration of mobility solution providers

You are completely free to choose your own selection of mobility solution providers. As part of a detailed implementation phase, we integrate them into the operational processes, which are fully automated by the tool workflows. As an independent Mobility Enabler, we do not provide any mobility solutions ourselves. Thus, we are completely neutral as to which mobility solution providers you will offer to your employees via the tool in accordance with your mobility policy.

Highest security standards for your data

Reliable functionality and data security are the top priorities of 1st Mobility. Your data will be backed-up redundantly on multiple servers in Germany and Switzerland.

Data transfer and data storage are carried out according to the guidelines of the GDPR-regulations.

We would be happy to present to you the possibilities and advantages of 1st Mobility in a personal, free-of-charge and non-binding information session. We would be delighted to inspire you by advising you on the opportunities resulting from our solution linking employees’ mobility to a wider benefit approach!

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