Mobility meets Benefit:

Added-value for companies and employees

The smart and cost-efficient way to more employee loyalty and motivation

Every company wants to attract and retain qualified employees on the long-run, because they are the pillars of success. As the only one across Europe, the unique concept behind 1st Mobility is consistently designed to not only enable a sustainable mobility offer that is easy to implement but also to enhance employee loyalty and motivation. This is achieved by smart and seamless combination of various MaaS functions and services next to the additional integration of tax-supported Employee benefit programs and cashback partnerships.

Added-value for companies

1st Mobility helps to avoid unnecessary expenses for your vehicle fleet.
Fixed and variable fleet costs are minimized.

1st Mobility supports companies to gain a maximum of flexibility and sustainability.
Thus, the most suitable and financially most economical mobility concept can be realized for each employee.

1st Mobility helps to reduce the administrative effort to administer employees’ mobility to a minimum. Mobility offers and settings can be created or adapted in a few minutes.

1st Mobility supports companies to enhance employees’ loyalty and motivation.
Grant to your employees what they really want (in terms of mobility and connected benefit offers) without additional effort and costs and get in return where you as company benefit from: employee motivation and loyalty.

1st Mobility supports economic and ecological sustainability in your company.
This helps optimizing the CO2-balance and often allows access to additional public funds and other financial advantages.

The 1st Mobility tool helps to increase the awareness of tax-privileged employee benefits by flagging promoted mobility and wider benefit offers. This brings additional indirect and direct tax savings and strengthens employee loyalty.

Value-add for employees

With 1st Mobility employees can realize their personal mobility package in a flexible way and customized to their personal needs. They get the feeling that their needs are recognized and supported by their employer.

1st Mobility offers employees a practical and easy to use possibility to gain access to their daily mobility requirements in a flexible and cost-saving way. This creates added value on several levels.

The 1st Mobility tool supports the awareness of legally promoted possibilities of tax-privileged employee benefits. This brings additional indirect and direct tax savings and means more net for gross for your employees.

1st Mobility supports in a smart and efficient way the climate-friendly, ecological mobility. Employees can thus make their contribution to averting the threat of climate change in a way that is both cost-efficient and suitable for everyday use.

We would be happy to present to you the possibilities and advantages of 1st Mobility in a personal, free and non-binding information session. You will see it’s worth your time - let us advise you now!

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