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Table of contents

1. Introduction
2. Most important points you agree with
3. Data we collect
4. How we use the information we collect
5. Transfer of data
6. Transfer to other countries
7. Links
8. Security
9. Validation and update of user data
10. Changes to our Data Protection Policy
11. Information about cookies, other technologies and data collection by third parties

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1. Introduction

Thank you for choosing 1st Mobility. Our data protection policy is outline in the following section. Before we go into detail, we would like to point out some of the underlying principles. These principles are important for us because we know that they are important for you.

The data protection regulations have three functions:
- To explain how we use the information you share with us to provide you with an excellent product that gives you a great experience;
- To ensure that you understand what information we collect with your consent and what we do and what we do not do with this information;
- To make us responsible for protecting your rights and privacy under this policy.

All information we collect is directly related to the provision of the 1st Mobility service and its features. Generally speaking, there are two categories of information that we collect:

Information that we need to know to enable you to use 1st Mobility Services; And information that we may use to provide additional features and improved results if you choose to provide such information.

The first category includes:
Registration information, which includes name, address and other information you provide during 1st Mobility registration.
General, inaccurate location that we derive from your IP address.
Our licenses to provide our software solutions and services and other content to you are sometimes location-specific, so we need to know what country you are from. This also allows us to provide you with suggestions based on your inaccurate location.
Technical details and sensor information necessary for 1st Mobility GmbH to provide its services. This includes the browser type and the device you are using, data from the touch screen and information from your accelerometer and gyroscope sensor. This enables you to control 1st Mobility services and allows us to provide the services you have subscribed in a proper and application-specific way.

The second category includes:
Information that allows us to offer additional functions to you. We will never receive any of the following information unless you explicitly choose to provide it to us for the purpose of providing our services according to the services you have subscribed.
Here are some examples:

Your exact location:
We will never collect or use your exact location without your explicit consent. This information allows us to provide customized services and services that are location dependent, such as mobility offers available in your region only, etc.

Your photos:
We will only access images that you have created and selected specifically for this purpose and we will never scan or import your photo library or camera memory. This allows you to select individual images to transfer only the photos you want or need for the provision of 1st Mobility services. You can stop sharing photos and revoke access at any time. However, this could limit or even completely prevent the functionality of some 1st Mobility Services.

Your contacts:
We will never scan or import your contacts unless you allow us to do so. If you decide to do so, we will use your contact information only to help you using our 1st Mobility Services in the best possible way.

Your microphone:
We will never access or use your microphone unless you give your explicit consent. This might allow you to control 1st Mobility Services with your voice. You will always have the possibility to block access to the microphone.

The distinction between these two categories is important.
Information in the first category is information we need to provide you with our service. Information in the second category is information that we only collect if you expressly give us permission to do so in the future.
For this second category of information, we will ask for your consent before we access it for the first time. We will describe how we use it when you give us your consent. We will use the information only for the purposes we have described to you and you will have the opportunity to change your mind and withdraw your consent at any time.

Consenting to our Data Protection Policy does not imply that you agree us accessing or us using your information as outlined in the second category; we only tell you that we may one day ask you for your consent. We will always make it clear to you how and when we want to share information.

We hope this introduction will help you understand our obligations regarding your privacy. Please see for the details below, but please remember that this introduction is part of our data protection policy itself - that is our promise to you.

If you have any questions or other concerns, please let us know via welcome@no spam1stmobilityno

In order to offer our services to you, 1st Mobility GmbH ("1st Mobility GmbH", "1st Mobility", "we", "us", "our") as the data controller must collect some data about you.
This Data Protection Policy describes the data we collect, what we do with it and how you can control and manage the use of your data.
You can direct any questions or inquiries relating to this Data Protection Policy or our use of your personal information directly to us at welcome@no spam1stmobilityno
In this Data Protection Policy we refer to the services of 1st Mobility.

2. Most important points you agree with

By registering for these services, you agree to the following processing activities in relation to your information. Below is a quick overview of the topics you will agree to. Please make sure that you read carefully the actual wording in the respective sections as follows: the use of information via cookies, other technologies and data collection by third parties; the transfer of your data from the country where you live; the collection, use, disclosure and other processing of your data; and the public availability of your data and control over the data as described in the section data disclosure.

3. Data we collect

We may collect and store the following data:

3.1 Registration data
If you choose to use our services, we may ask for information such as your username, password, e-mail address, address, mobile phone number and country.

3.2 Use, protocol data and cookies
When you use or interact with our services, we may use some technologies that collect information about your use of and access to the services.
These technologies include:
Information about the type of services and services you have booked and your interactions with the services, the details of the queries you have made and the date and time of your query;
User-generated data that you post to our services and services, including the messages you receive/send about our services;
Technical data, including URL data, data from cookies, your IP address, the devices you use to access or connect to the 1st Mobility services, the unique device ID, the characteristics of the device, type of network connection (e.g. WiFi, 3G, LTE) and provider, network and device performance, browser type, language, data enabling digital rights management, operating system and version of 1st Mobility applications.motion generated or orientation generated mobile sensor data (e.g. accelerometer or gyroscope). We may store and use the information with your consent as described in "4 How we use the collected data". You may be able to integrate your 1st Mobility Services into third-party applications. If you do so, we will receive similar information regarding your interactions with the Services through third-party applications, as well as information about your publicly available interaction data with the third-party application. We may use cookies and other technologies to collect this information. For more details, please see the "11 Information about cookies, other technologies and third-party data collection" section of this Data Protection Policy.

3.3 Data stored on your mobile device
We may provide features that rely on the use of additional information on your mobile device or require access to certain services on your mobile device to enhance your 1st Mobility experience. For example, we may allow you to upload photos or use voice commands to control the service. By granting us access does not imply that you allow us unlimited access to this information or that we will make certain information available without your consent. On the contrary, for each type of information listed in this section, we will ask for your consent before we access this information or these features on your mobile device. If you give us your consent, we will collect the information for the specific purposes that we explained to you at the time of our request for consent. You do not have to give us this consent in order to use the services of 1st Mobility and your consent to these data protection regulations does not imply that you have given us consent to access this information.

In detail:

Photos and camera:
We will not access your photos or camera without your express prior consent and we will not scan or import your photo library. If you give us your consent to access your photos or camera, we will only use images that you specifically select or create to share with us.

We will not collect or use the specific location data of your mobile device (for example, by using GPS or Bluetooth) without your express prior consent. Please note that this does not include the IP address. We will continue to use the IP address, as described in Section 3.2 above, for example to determine which country you are in, which enables us to comply with our own license agreements.

We will not access your microphone without your express prior consent. You have the option to block access to the microphone at any time.

We will not scan or import your contacts stored on your cell phone without your explicit prior consent. Local laws may require you to obtain the consent of your contacts in order to provide 1st Mobility GmbH with their personal information, which could be used for the purposes mentioned in this Data Protection Policy. We will never access or use your contacts in any way other than the services 1st Mobility GmbH subscribed and used by you.

3.4 Widget data
Other websites may integrate 1st Mobility widgets. When you visit a page with an embedded 1st Mobility widget, we receive certain data, including information about the website you visited. 1st Mobility and the widget recognize you and the widget can be used to display personalized content or advertising. We know when you use a widget and the websites that offer these widgets receive this data.

3.5 Service providers and partners of 1st Mobility GmbH
We may receive information about you from our service providers and partners, which we use exclusively to personalize your 1st Mobility experience and to measure the service quality of our offers.

4. How we use the information we collect

In accordance with the consent you have given us to collect the information, we may use the information we collect, including your personal information, as follows:
To provide our services and products as well as services available through our offering (including other sites you visit);
To ensure the technical functionality of our services and the products;
To communicate with you for purposes related to our services via e-mail, messages, text messages or other communications that you agree to receive;
To communicate with you, either directly or through one of our partners, in the form of e-mail, messages or other communications, but only to the extent permitted by law or where you have given us express consent to such communication;
If you have given us your express consent, to use your mobile phone number to send you specific information;
Your consent is not required as a condition of registration for 1st Mobility services;
To prevent or detect fraud;
To enforce the Data Protection Policy, the Terms of Use and all other terms you have agreed to, including those protecting the rights, property or security of 1st Mobility GmbH, its users or any other person, or the copyrighted content of our services; and as otherwise described in this Data Protection Policy.

You grant us your consent to analyze the information we collect about you in accordance with section 3 “The information we collect" and to analyze those together with your registration data for the purposes set out below.

You allow us to analyse
(a) demographic information, such as the country and city you are from, your age and gender
(b) the type of service(s) you use,
(c) your interactions with 1st Mobility GmbH content and applications or advertisements, products and services made available, connected with or offered by the services and
(d) analyze technical data related to your device and network, such as browser type and operating system.

You allow us to use the information for the following purposes:
to personalize your usage with the services and products and to develop new products and services to offer you customized or localized (country or city level) advertising, such as by recommending products and services that may be of interest to you based on your use of the services, the applications, advertising and products and services provided through 1st Mobility or our connected business partners,
to measure and evaluate the quality of service and your reactions to our services. We achieve the above-mentioned purposes mainly through our systems or by using cookies on your device to collect the information described and by linking this information to your registration data. For more information about what cookies are, please refer to section 11 “Information on cookies, other technologies and data collection by third parties". You agree that we allow our business partners to use cookies on the 1st Mobility services for the same purposes mentioned above.
Please note that the business partner can identify you when the business partner receives further information from you, such as when you enter your name and address on the business partner's website (e.g. by registering, logging in or filling out a form) and the business partner combines this information with the information retrieved from the cookie in the 1st Mobility services. You give us your consent to use these cookies for the above mentioned purposes.

5. Transfer of data

This section describes how the data collected and generated during your use of 1st Mobility services and services may be shared by you or us.

5.1 General information
The 1st Mobility services are commercial services, which serve to make unrestricted and optimal use of the software solutions you have booked with 1st Mobility GmbH. Your name and/or user name and your 1st Mobility user profile are accessible only in the scope of the services you have booked for users of the service and for users of other services, which are connected or linked to the service as described below, in order to be able to provide the services you have booked. Remember that certain limited information, such as your name and/or username and your 1st Mobility user profile, can always be accessed by third party applications through our APIs and developer tools, and some information can be shared with third party applications and others through these third party applications based on your consent. Based on your approval, third party applications are granted access to your e-mail address, subscription status, location or similar data upon request by these third parties. However, this always requires your explicit consent. If you give us your consent, your information will be used to notify others as part of our services, via email and through third-party applications. Subject to your explicit consent, we may inform other users of your location.

You grant us your consent to use the collected data in accordance with the section 3 “The data we collect":
inform authorized third parties about your location and your activities on 1st Mobility GmbH in order to generate the desired added value, to notify you about such activities of others, as well as to offer you personalized recommendations that might be important for you, provided that you have made the appropriate settings in your profile.

5.1.1 Third party applications
To further improve our service quality, we may share some information we have collected about you in an anonymous form with third-party application providers, such as general geographic information (e.g., city or country), preferences and technical data. Because this information is only shared in anonymous form, you will not be identified to the third-party application provider. We take precautions to prevent third-party application providers from attempting to identify you using the information we provide to them or by collecting further information from you without your consent.

Please note:
if you provide third parties with further information about yourself, e.g. by visiting a third party application (which may result in the collection of your IP address), to share precise geographical data with third party application providers who request this information from us or if you agree that we collect further information about you through the third party application, e.g. if you register or log in to a third party application, the third party application may identify you and link the information previously provided by 1st Mobility GmbH to you. You agree and understand that the Data Protection Policy of the third party application provider governs the use of your information that we provide you or that the third party application has collected from you.

5.2 Transfer of data by 1st Mobility GmbH

5.2.1 Marketing and advertising
We may share information with our advertising partners so that they can send you promotional materials about 1st Mobility GmbH or present you with customized content, including appropriate advertising for products and services that may interest you and to determine how users interact with advertisements. The information we forward will be anonymized (for example by using hashing) and does not establish any connection to your identity.
Please be sure to read the section 11 “Information on Cookies, Other Technologies and Third Party Data Collection", which describes more information about cookies and other technologies that we and third parties use to provide you with relevant ads and service options.

5.2.2 Service providers and others
We may occasionally share your information with service providers in accordance with this Data Protection Policy to implement features and process user data, and to assist in providing our service on our behalf and guidance, in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Such processing by third parties will always be subject to data processing agreements, EU standard clauses (if applicable) and security and confidentiality obligations in accordance with this Data Protection Policy, as required by applicable law.

5.2.3 Owner of license rights
1st Mobility services enables you to use the services and software solutions offered by 1st Mobility GmbH. If necessary, 1st Mobility GmbH will pass on data to the holders of special rights, who partly license the contents of 1st Mobility services. The data passed on by 1st Mobility GmbH are anonymized, your identity cannot be determined directly, unless you explicitly agree to the passing on of your personal data.

5.2.4 Dedicated 1st Mobility GmbH partners
If you access the 1st Mobility services through an offer you received from or bought from a third party, we will forward information about your use of the 1st Mobility services to this third party. This includes information about whether and to what extent you have used the offer or actively used the services, as far as it is necessary for this third party to fulfil its obligations and exercise its rights (e.g. for billing purposes).

You give us your consent to share the information described in clause 5.2.4 with these third parties for the purposes of activation of license accounts and to verify that you are actually using your access.

5.2.5 Other occasions of transfer of data
In addition to what is described in this Data Protection Policy, we may share your information with third parties or with other companies within the 1st Mobility GmbH group for these limited purposes:
To allow a merger or an acquisition or sale of all or part of our assets, to the extent justified by the disclosure of your data in this context by the applicable law or on the basis of your express consent;
To respond to a legal process (e.g. such as a court order) when we believe in good faith that it is necessary;
To comply with the requirements of applicable laws;
To protect the security of a person; To protect the rights and property of 1st Mobility GmbH, including the enforcement of the Terms of Use and other terms you have agreed to, and to resolve fraud, security or technical issues;
To scientists for the purpose of statistical analysis and academic studies, but only in anonymized form and to publish anonymized or cumulated data about the use of 1st Mobility GmbH services.

6. Transfer of data to other countries

1st Mobility GmbH transmits, processes and stores data about our users on servers that can be located in several countries. Accordingly, 1st Mobility GmbH may forward your data to companies within the 1st Mobility GmbH Group in order to enable them to perform the services set forth in this Data Protection Policy, as far as this is legally permissible. 1st Mobility GmbH may also use subcontractors for processing or may forward your data to third parties in countries outside your country of origin. Your personal data may therefore be subject to data protection laws that differ from those in your country of residence. Data collected within the European Economic Area ("EEA") and Switzerland may, for example, be transferred for processing to the above-mentioned third parties located in a country other than your country of residence where you have fewer rights with regard to your personal data. However, 1st Mobility GmbH will only process your information as described in this Data Protection Policy and will only transfer your information to other countries to the extent permitted by applicable law and in accordance with this Data Protection Policy.

In accordance with the section 3 “The information we collect", you give us your consent to share the information we collect, including your personal information, with third parties located in the EU or Serbia who will store and process the information on our behalf and under our instructions. In particular, we use the storage space of cloud service providers who host the information we collect on our behalf on their servers in the EU and Serbia in accordance with our contractual agreement and this Data Protection Policy.

You are hereby informed of the following.
The service providers located in the countries listed above are subject to data protection laws that generally do not protect personal information to the same extent as the European Union.

7. Links

We may display third-party advertisements or other content that links to third-party websites. We cannot control or be held responsible for the data protection or privacy policies and content of third parties. Therefore, please read their data protection and privacy policies carefully to understand how they collect and process your personal information.

8. Security

We are committed to protecting the privacy of our users. Your password protects your account, so you should choose a unique, strong password, restrict access to your computer and browser, and log out of 1st Mobility services after each session. We have implemented technical and organizational precautions for data protection, but there are no completely secure data protection measures and we cannot guarantee the security of your data. However, 1st Mobility GmbH will do its utmost to ensure that the information you provide is stored and processed as securely as possible. However, the User of 1st Mobility GmbH is aware that there is no such thing as 100% security within software applications and services, and the User hereby expressly agrees that he/she has fully understood and taken note of this fact.

9. Validation and update of user data

You can view and supplement a large part of the data we store about you via your user account and profile. If you have any questions about the protection of your data within the services, this data protection policy or data that we have stored about you, please contact us at welcome@no spam1stmobilityno

You can also contact your 1st Mobility representative, send a letter to

1st Mobility GmbH, Data Privacy Officer, Schulstr. 7, 56291 Bickenbach.

We will respond to your request within a reasonable time and after verification of your identity in accordance with local law. We recommend that you attach documents confirming your identity and ask you to clearly and unambiguously describe what information you wish to access.

10. Changes to our Data Protection Policy

As described in this section, we may change the content of the Data Protection Policy from time to time and at our discretion. If we make material changes to the content, we will notify you in a noticeable and appropriate manner. This may be a notice displayed within the Services or by e-mail. Changes to any consent you have given to us will only be made with your approval. Therefore, please ensure that you read these communications carefully. If you do not wish to continue using the Services under the updated provisions, you may terminate your subscription account by notifying us in writing within 4 weeks of publication. If you do not terminate within this period, the new version of the data protection provisions will be deemed to be contractually agreed.

11. Information about cookies, other technologies and data collection by third parties

This section describes the use of cookies and other technologies.

11.1 What are cookies and other technologies?
A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer, cell phone or other devices when you visit a website or use a service. The cookie helps the operators of the website or services to recognize your device the next time you visit the site or access the services. There are other, similar technologies such as pixel tags (transparent graphic images placed on a web page or in an email to indicate that the web page or email has been viewed), web-bugs (similar to pixel tags), and web storage used for desktop software or mobile devices.
In addition, there are technologies such as mobile identifiers and SDK integrations that allow companies to recognize your device when you use the app again or re-access a service.

11.2 How we use cookies and other technologies
We use both cookies for our sessions (which expire when you close your internet browser) and persistent cookies (which remain stored on your device for a certain period of time or until you delete them).

We use the following cookies for the following purposes as explained in this table:

Type cookie
Purpose: important for our service operations
These cookies are necessary for us to be able to operate 1st Mobility services in the way you want. For example, they allow us to recognize which services you have booked and to provide the corresponding services for you.

We use these cookies to analyze the access modes to 1st Mobility services, its use or performance. We use this information for maintenance, operation and continuous improvement of the 1st Mobility services. We may also use other information from e-mail newsletters, including those that indicate whether you have opened the newsletter or clicked on one of its contents. This data enables us to determine the effectiveness of the newsletter and to ensure that we provide information that is of interest to you.

These cookies enable us to operate certain functions of 1st Mobility services according to the selection of our services you have subscribed to. These cookies imply that when you return to the 1st Mobility services, you will receive exactly the services you subscriebd, including recognition of your user name and individual settings for the services, and we can use them to remind you of content you have accessed.

Targeted advertising/advertising in general
We use these cookies to provide you with better advertising that may be relevant to you and your interests, if permitted by law or if you give us your explicit consent. This information may also be used for "frequency capping" purposes (e.g., to ensure that we do not show the same ad over and over again) and to help us regulate the ads you receive and measure their effectiveness.

Third parties
We may allow our business partners to place cookies inside or outside the 1st Mobility services for the same purposes as described above, as far as it is permitted by law or if you give us your consent according to the above. We may also use service providers who act on our behalf and who are under our guidance to use cookies for the above-mentioned purposes.

1st Mobility GmbH - Advertising
We cooperate with web publishers, advertising networks and service providers to place 1st Mobility ads on other websites and in other services. Cookies may be used to show you the ads that are relevant to you or match your interests on other websites or in other services, and may be used to regulate the ads you receive and measure their effectiveness to the extent permitted by law or with your consent.

We also use mobile identifiers and the other technologies for the purposes described in this Data Protection Policy, for example, to recognize your device when you revisit the 1st Mobility services and software solutions such as apps or use the 1st Mobility services in any other way.

11.3 Administration of your cookies and other preferences
Many internet browsers allow you to set your preferences. You can set the browser to reject cookies or delete certain cookies. You may also be able to control other technologies in the same way that you manage cookies, using your browser settings. Please note that 1st Mobility services may be limited or certain elements may not work after cookies have been blocked. There is no accepted standard for handling "do-not-track" signals and we do not respond to such signals.

European users can visit to learn how they can prevent member companies of the European Advertising Standards Agency (EASA) from using your data for behavioural advertising. Another tool available to you is the opt-out tool of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) at This allows you to block the use of your online activity data for the purpose of behavioural advertising by an NAI member. Your mobile device may have a "Limit Ad Tracking" (iOS devices) or "Opt-out of Interest-Based Ads" (Android) setting that allows you to block information about your use of apps for the purpose of targeted advertising. Please note that you may continue to receive ads even after you have used the above-mentioned blocks if you use the 1st Mobility services. However, we will only allow or create advertising that is highly targeted and only after thorough review. You hereby agree to the use of cookies and other technologies as described above.

11.4 How we use cookies and other technologies
For more information about the use of cookies and how to block them, please visit, (Europe), or (United States). if you have any questions or comments about our use of cookies, please contact us at welcome@no spam1stmobilityno