Mobility meets Benefit

Welcome to the employees’ mobility of tomorrow

Mobility meets Benefit is 1st Mobility's answer to the requirements of tomorrow's employees’ mobility. Mobility meets Benefit is the only Mobility as a Service offer on the market that is specifically tailored to the requirements of modern companies. The progressive concept combines for the first time sustainability gains of modern mobility concepts with an innovative approach to reduce mobility costs in the company and at the same time to increase employees’ loyalty and satisfaction. With Mobility meets Benefit, the "Mobility as a Service" concept has been consistently upgraded to also include the wider benefit aspects of employees’ reward packages. The concept is as flexible as it is ecologically sustainable and generates equally strong benefits for the company and its employees.

As a 100% independent provider 1st Mobility is solely committed to the benefit of its customers.

Focus: next level

A consistent development beyond

Mobility as a Service

With "Mobility meets Benefit" we have realized the next development stage of "Mobility as a Service". For the 1st Mobility Platform, the efficiency concept behind Mobility as a Service (MaaS) was consistently uplifted to the ultimate level being the “benefit” granted to the employees as part of their salary package. 1st Mobility is seamlessly tailored to the modern mobility requirements of companies and employees and at the same time frees-up the user from inefficient administration and unnecessary cost factors. With the help of 1st Mobility, the company only promotes and pays for the mobility offers its employees actually need based on their individual usage patterns. Cost-intensive vehicle fleets, unnecessary vehicle downtime and idle resources can be avoided. With 1st Mobility, companies and employees save time, money and valuable resources while protecting the environment. In addition, both companies and employees benefit from a number of additional advantages wherefore the 1st Mobility solutions enable the possibility to choose different tax-optimized offers as part of a wider benefit offer for employees.

The smart and cost-efficient way to more employee loyalty and motivation

Every company wants to attract and retain qualified employees on the long-run, because they are the pillars of success. As the only one across Europe, the unique concept behind 1st Mobility is consistently designed to not only enable a sustainable mobility offer that is easy to implement but also to enhance employee loyalty and motivation. This is achieved by smart and seamless combination of various MaaS functions and services next to the additional integration of tax-supported Employee benefit programs and cashback partnerships.

What is different about 1st Mobility compared to other modern mobility concepts?

Like other providers 1st Mobility combines different mobility offers in one platform with the aim to make these offers available to the mobility user in a way that is suitable for daily usage. To make this possible, we, like others, use the possibilities of modern IT and software applications, i.e. the control and handling of the necessary processes is based on a customized software or an online-based software platform.

But we go a decisive step further:
As the first provider, we have tailored the idea of "Connected Mobility" to the needs of modern companies and developed a concept that combines the advantages for companies and employees in an unprecedented holistic solution. Linking different mobility and benefit offers based on an AI-algorithm reflecting individual preferences, as well as connected services and (tax) saving opportunities, 1st Mobility creates a tangible financial and personal value-add both for employees and companies. With the help of 1st Mobility companies can optimize their internal mobility management in such a way that every cent is used in an efficient, economic and ecological way. Additionally, the employee gets a simple and powerful tool to improve the personal work-life-balance and at the same time to save her/his own resources for more important matters.

For sustainable, flexible and green mobility linked to enhanced employee loyalty:

Our mobility configurator

The mobility configurator of 1st Mobility is the central system to realise the “Mobility meets Benefit” concept. Our tool enables companies to create their own individually tailored mobility offer for each employee in just a few steps, in which mobility settings – such as: the total mobility budget, fixed budgets for company cars, home office offers and/or flexible budgets for the use of alternative mobility offers such as train, bus or micro-mobility can be pre-defined. Based on her/his pre-selection regulated by the mobility policy, employees can put together their own individual mobility package within the framework of these pre-settings.

Cross-platform compatibility

Use the mobility configurator on any device, whether it's a classic desktop PC, iMac, laptop, tablet PC or iPad or a mobile phone of your choice. Settings and data are automatically synchronized for all other devices via the 1st Mobility cloud.